Wednesday, July 8, 2009

7 months & counting...

As per usual I wrote this letter a few weeks ago, but it took me a while to post it. Nobody's
shocked, I know.

Dear James,

You've hit seven months now- I can't believe it!! Where do I begin to catch up on the past few months? Well, here goes...

Right around four months you started sleeping all the way through the night. It took your Dad & I awhile but we finally figured out that you needed a very early bedtime but then you would sleep 12 hours straight. Every morning you wake up in the B-E-S-T mood, which really helps Mom's feelings about a 6am start to the day. Let's just say that you did NOT get the early rising habit from your parents.

You've mastered rolling both ways and enjoy rolling across the room as your mode of transportation. Just recently you've gotten up on all fours and it looks like you'll be crawling soon. It's fun to watch you try to crawl- you aren't exactly the most patient baby and you start yelling with frustration when you can't figure out what comes next. I know I shouldn't find this so funny...but...well it's adorable. I'm confidant that you will take your revenge on me by crawling into everything!

You started solids at five months and LOVE it. We honestly can not get food into your mouth fast enough! It hasn't really occurred to you that you can refuse the foods that you aren't too fond of (peaches and broccoli). You'll give us the stink eye after every bite but always open up for more.

On your 6 month birthday you got your first tooth. Your Dad & I had taken you to the doc for your well-baby check up (you were, as always, in the 50th percentile for weight and 85th percentile for length) and when the doc asked if we had seen any signs of teeth we replied "no". About 5 mutes later I gave you my finger to nibble on and immediately hollered. It seems that you had gotten your first tooth that morning. You were so good about it- you didn't get fussy or have any of the other dreaded teething signs that we just assumed it was a ways off yet. About a week later you got your second tooth and we are eagerly awaiting the top two.

Right now you have three favorite things: jumping, splashing and your cousin Isabella. We joke that it's always 'quarter past jump-time' in your world. You've got a jumperoo that you love but better than that is anyone's lap. We take you to the public pool as often as possible and you have a blast splashing. Bath time is always fun also. You splash so much that the back of my legs get soaked. I am also confused as to how that happens. You are always so pleased with yourself for the big splashes that I end up giggling just as much as you do. As for your cousin Bella... what can I say, you ADORE her. She never fails to get you giggling to the point that you are red-faced. Every time she walks into the room your face lights up. Thankfully she has just as much fun with you (but honestly, who could resist your infectious giggle?)

There isn't really anything you strongly dislike right now. You aren't a huge fan of sitting (why sit when you can jump or roll?) but it's no big deal- you just flop yourself into the position you like better. You also have very limited patience for the time post-bath, pre-bottle. You don't really cry about it, but you don't hesitate to yell at me to hurry it up!

This summer should be interesting as you get more mobile. I'm grateful that I only have to work a few days a week- you grow so fast that I would miss things otherwise!!

I love you more than my next breath!



Here are a few recent photos:

and a few very short videos:

Laughing at his cousin Bella:

And his first bagel (note: it was frozen to help with teething. Also, that his HIM snorting his excitement!)


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Adorable pictures and those videos are HILARIOUS!

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What a cutie!

LOVE the videos!!

Bobbi said...

I love the snorts!

The Blanton's said...

HAHAH I love the video of the bagel!! Yay for rock star finger sucking! Him and Mason should start a band. :)

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so sweet

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